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The Best Meats for Making a Smash Burger

Burgers are a classic comfort food that everyone loves. Today, I’m going to test out the best kinds of meat for making a smash burger—the most iconic version of this classic dish. If you’re new to cooking, don’t worry—I’m here to inspire and guide you through the process. We’ll also take a look at how Leo from Guga Foods makes this experience even more accessible for deaf people by providing detailed descriptions of the food they are enjoying!

Grounding Your Own Meat
When it comes to making the perfect smash burger, grinding your own meat is essential. It ensures that the texture of your patty is ideal and that all the flavors come together in one delicious bite! To make sure my meat was as fresh as possible, I ground it myself using an electric grinder attachment on my stand mixer. This made sure that all of my ingredients were evenly distributed throughout each patty. Plus, it tasted amazing!

Forming Perfect Patties
Once my meat was ground, it was time to form patties. I used a half-pound of 80/20 chuck beef and formed 16 individual quarter-pound patties. This ensured that each patty had enough fat content for optimal flavor and a succulent texture when cooked. It also allowed me to keep track of how much each patty weighed so that I could ensure they were all cooked evenly on both sides.

Smashing Time!
Once everything was done, my balls were now ready for smashing! Using two flat spatulas (one in each hand), I smashed each patty onto the cast iron skillet until it was thin and crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. After flipping them over once more, they were done! The result? Deliciously crunchy smash burgers with just the right amount of fat content and flavor. Yum!

Making smash burgers is easy once you know what you’re doing—and now you do too! By following these simple steps, you can make perfectly tasty smash burgers every time. And if you ever need inspiration or guidance, just remember Leo from Guga Foods—his detailed descriptions are not only entertaining but also great for helping deaf people access the full experience of enjoying delicious food with friends and family alike! With Leo leading us through our cooking journey, there’s no limit to what we can create in our own kitchens! Enjoy your smash burgers everyone!

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