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How I Lost 25kg in 100 Days

A few years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and Fibromyalgia that has been both debilitating and life changing. Apart from the fact that it took over a year for a diagnosis, I felt like I rattled when I walked with the number of medications I was taking. Apart from becoming inactive after years of regular exercise I was taking medications that contributed to my excessive weight gain.

Over the course of time I put on an excess 25kg, more than a quarter of my total body weight, it was depressing and uncomfortable to say the least and I wasn’t looking like losing any of it soon. After viewing some photos from a holiday with friends I made a decision that something had to change and the weight had to go.

I’m going to qualify this article by letting you all know that I am not a dietician or nutritionist and hold no expertise on the subject of diet. I am simply going to tell you what worked for me, in a remarkably short space in time. The only reason I am even writing this article is because my doctor was so amazed she told me recently that I needed to let people know my secret. I’m here to tell you there are no secrets, just some simple common sense and a dash of will power.

I realized to lose weight I had to combine a change of diet with at least some exercise. You have to understand that with my condition exercise is not an easy thing to achieve. Major symptoms of my condition include fatigue and pain, which restricts my ability to do any physical activity. Both of these facts limit the amount and frequency of any exercise I am able to do, but I didn’t let it stop me from doing what I could.

I started out by walking about 1km a day. That was about my limit as I would get back home from a walk and collapse onto the bed for at least an hour in recovery. As time went on however I managed to slowly increase the distance I was walking to about 4km, which took me about 45 minutes. I would do my best to achieve these walks at least 5 days a week. I had the benefit of an active 25kg American Staff puppy to set the pace and pull me along so I would say the walks were reasonably brisk in nature.

The only other thing that I did to achieve the weight loss was change my diet. I made an attempt to eliminate complex carbohydrates, though I was still consuming small portions in some meals. I even indulged in the odd treat of chocolate on occasion. You don’t have to completely eliminate the simple pleasures of life.

I generally ate breakfast around 9:00am before my walks and it consisted of the same thing every day for the entire dieting period. It was really simple and consisted of one cup of Swiss formula natural muesli with a cup of High calcium, low-fat milk. If I found myself looking for food between meals I wouldn’t starve myself, I would indulge in an apple or similar to overcome the hunger.

Despite the cravings I stuck with the plan and rarely ate again until around 1:30pm. Lunch consisted again of the same meal for the entire period. One thing for sure, this was a boring diet and you can get sick of eating the same thing but when it works like this did it’s easy to stick with the plan. I had spinach and rocket salad with half an avocado, a cup of stripped breast chicken, quarter of a cup of light grated cheddar cheese and a diced tomato with a tablespoon of ranch style dressing. All this was topped off with a soft poached egg that just makes this salad perfect. I promise you, it’s actually really good and was easy to prepare so it was never difficult to maintain the will power.

The little bit of variety in my diet came with the evening meal, and this is where I had the majority of my daily intake of carbohydrates. Three out of seven nights a week I had a Thai based curry, usually chicken or lamb with vegetables. The good thing about a curry is you can make up a large batch and freeze several portions for later in the week. I always made it with light coconut milk and restricted the rice to about half a cup. If your interested in my recipe for the curry just let me know via the website and I will be happy to forward a copy.

Other options for evening meals basically came down to a lean piece of rump or scotch fillet steak (200grm maximum) with steamed vegetables (no potatoes). Simple but enjoyable! I also enjoyed a slice of Atlantic or Tasmanian Salmon (200grms maximum) with steamed vegetables or a serve of the salad I made for lunch.

Okay so variety wasn’t on the menu but you get used to it over a short space of time and it’s easy to stick with the program. Over the first four weeks I was losing on average about 1kg a week and then all of a sudden around week five the kilo’s started to really fall off. By the end of 13 I had lost 25kg total and was back to the weight I had been prior to being diagnosed. Since then I have managed to maintain the weight by simply being sensible and avoiding any complex carbohydrates like those found in cakes and biscuits. The secret is to keep it simple and it will work. If you would like any further information or recipes from the diet plan that worked for me please feel free to drop me a line at the website and I will reply as soon as possible.

So there you have it… it’s that simple and you don’t need any expensive weight loss products to be successful. If you find this helpful and it works for you also, then all I ask is that you consider supporting a struggling new author. Best of luck, I hope this can work for you as well as it did for me.

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