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Juicing For Your Kids’ Health

How hard is it to get your kids to eat their veggies?  Unfortunately for many, it is quite tough.  Kids these days won’t even look at a vegetable unless it is deep fried and comes with a toy.  With juicing, your kids will be running to you to eat their veggies.

The advantage to juicing for kids is that it is simple.  It takes very little effort on your part to create, and it takes little effort on their part to drink the juice.  The key here is to make them taste good.  Unfortunately, while it would be great if they would drink a glass of spinach and celery juice right away, you are going to need to ease them into the rich vegetable juicing recipes.  

How do you get your kids to like the juice?  That’s easy…make it sweet!  This should never be interpreted as “adding sugar.”  The idea is to juice sweet produce to make them appealing to your kids taste, while also adding a little vegetables.  For example, most kids love apple juice and orange juice.  Try juicing a few apples and oranges, but also include a little celery or cucumber juice.  If done right, they won’t even notice the taste of anything but the fruit.  

Of course, you don’t want them to only drink fruit juice because of all the sugar.  Gradually increase the amount of vegetable juice as they get used to it.  Eventually, you can add in some of the richer green vegetables like spinach.  Before you know it, they’ll be getting most of their nutrients from juicing.   Here’s a simple apple and celery juicer recipe for the kids:

  • 2 apples
  • 2 celery stalks
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