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Pecorino Gran Cru: Best Quality Sheep’s Milk Cheese That Is Perfect for You

If you are looking for a best quality sheep’s milk cheese, the Pecorino Gran Cru is another exquisite cheese that is perfect for you. This is a newcomer on the scene building on a long tradition of Sardinian pecorinos. Pecorino Gran Cru is a cheese that has been produced for hundreds of years but recently made its way from Italy to the rest of the world. This is best quality sheep’s milk cheese that is aged for 20 months in cheese banks with the use of the Parmigiano Reggiano technology, better known as the Parmesan Cheese technology. The use of this method preserves and accentuates the characteristic flavors of Sardinian cheese beyond the unique way the cheese is made. The milk comes from the high mountain milk, producing a very poignant taste that is unlike any other Pecorino cheese.

Pecorino Gran Cru has a balanced structure and firm texture. You would be surprised by the complexity of its aroma and the sweet touch of fresh milk. This is perfect when eaten alone. You will be able to taste its amazing flavor when it touches and melts in your mouth. It can be complemented with a drop of aromatic honey or paired with a glass of robust red wine. You can use Pecorino as a table cheese. You can use it for grating, for your garnishes and you can use it in soups. If you will try to add this traditional Sardinian cheese on your dishes would surely experience a creamy, delicious and delectable dish. It is a great complement to appetizers, pastas and sandwiches. You can slice or grate it depending on the type of food you are preparing.

Certainly this is another top quality product that you should try. If you haven’t tried this creamy and tasty cheese, you should try one now. It would be best to buy this Sardinian cheese to known gourmet cheese shops that are distributing this delectable cheese. In that way you will be sure of the quality of your cheese you are buying. Buying in cheese shops has also one advantage, you can ask for more information from their respective cheese experts. You may also try to shop through online cheese shops to find a good quality Pecorino cheese.

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