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Spinach And Cheese Baked Potato Recipes

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Oven spinach baking recipe
 I make a delicious and healthy meal with spinach in the middle portion of the potato and cheddar cheese in the top portion at the bottom
Root the spinach and wash it
Your filter name is the water of the spinach
Take the watery drained spinach into a large bowl
Add boiling brine and stir
Wait for five or ten minutes then transfer to the strainer
Ingredients for making spinach with potatoes and cheddar cheese
Lightly boiled and filtered spinach
Potato onion and tomato
Two liters of milk
One and a half liter of liquid sunflower oil
wheat flour
cheddar cheese
A meal for a hundred people is prepared according to the material of one hundred fifty
Potatoes round in thick round shapes
Chop the onions thinly
I use a method to rob tomatoes
Add boiling water and keep tomatoes
Add a liter of oil to the pot and wait for it to warm up
On the left side I will use it to boil the potatoes I have boiling water and I add salt
Add the potatoes carefully to boiling water, stir and boil low heat
Add finely chopped onions stir a round
Tomatoes waiting for five minutes in boiling water will be easily peeled
Peeled tomatoes ready
Chop the watered-down spinach vertically and horizontally
Add spinach into onions stir a round
You have to get the boiling water before the potatoes break up
Place the potatoes in the oven tray as they will cover the bottom
Chop the tomatoes and transfer the strainer into the water
Add salt black pepper and crushed pepper into the spinach stir
Add the chopped tomatoes and stir
Prepare a milky sauce to add to the potatoes
Add liquid sunflower oil
Flour and stir for about five minutes at intervals
Add salt and add two liters of cold milk
Add sugar and add some more water
Add the milk sauce to the potatoes
Add the spinach
Prepare shredded cheddar cheese
Add shredded cheddar cheese and
 Bake in the middle heat
 You can serve it with yoghurt and pasta as well as split into equal pieces
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