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Tasty and Easy Baby Shower Food Ideas

Are you throwing a baby shower and wondering what on earth to serve? Check out the ideas below to get great food ideas. No matter when, what or where, these ideas will have your guests raving about your hostessing abilities!

Easy Baby Shower Food Ideas

My favorite kind of baby shower foods (or any event that I’m hostessing for that matter) are some of the most delicious appetizers and the most easiest to make. Something to keep in mind when planning a shower – the time frame of the event is really going to determine what you can and cannot get away with as far as food servings. For example, if you are having the shower right at the dinner hour, you should really serve your guests dinner, not just appetizers, and the same thing goes for lunch. If you are hosting an afternoon baby shower, if it’s right in the middle of lunch time, you should serve your guests a full lunch.

A way to get around this of course is by scheduling the celebration in the middle of the two – after lunch, but before the dinner hours.

So What Should You Serve?

Simple Food Ideas

If you are throwing the shower during the lunch hours, you should still keep it simple. Some good food ideas include:

* Sub sandwich – you can buy these for relatively cheap at Walmart or any grocery store. Depending on how many people you have attending, you can satisfy most of your guests with this simple food – and it’s cheap on the wallet. Just remember to put out mayonnaise and mustard for your guests. This is a little thing that really makes a big difference.

* Veggie Tray – You can make this either from scratch, or you can purchase the trays already made. Vegetables are not necessarily the cheapest to buy, but it is a great appetizer and side to put out for an afternoon baby shower.

* Fruit Tray – Same as above applies in this instance. Fruit is not always cheap, but it really adds that touch to a baby shower.

* Meat and Cheese Tray – You can replace the sub sandwich with a meat and cheese tray if you like, or you can use it in conjunction. A great idea if you’re only having a few guests would be to get the meat and cheese tray and buy little hoagie rolls so your guests have the option of making a sandwich or just nibbling on the snacks.

Dips and Snacks

* Meatballs – Buy a package of frozen meatballs and stick them in a crock pot with barbeque sauce in the morning on low. Let them heat up during the day. When the time for the shower comes, your guests will love being able to snack on them. Plus, it’s meat, so you’re not just feeding the birds. You can also buy little rolls so your guests can make meatball sandwiches!

* Artichoke Dip – One of my absolute favorite choices of things to serve at a party.

* Spinach Dip – Tied for 1st, my other favorite dish to serve.

No matter what you serve at a baby shower, remember, you’ll have cake as well, so you don’t want to over feed your guests! Keep it simple, but keep it worthy.

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